Our Story Into Cattle

WK Price Farms is owned and operated by Wesley and Katie Price.  Although the Price family is a multi-generational producer of row crops, Wesley expanded in to cattle production in 2000 with the purchase of his first 5 Angus cows.  Through hard work and God's blessings, we have now built our herd to include 150 brood cows (cows producing calves every year).  For over a decade, we have been fine-tuning our cows to possess good maternal traits, pleasant demeanor, steady growth and hybrid vigor.  Our herd is a mix of Angus, Limousin, Charolais,  and the occasional Simmental.

​​Located in Dillon county, South Carolina, WK Price Farms raises our cattle on pasture and finishes on grain that is produced by the family.  Our purpose is to produce high-end quality meat that is competitive with commercial prices, but is superior in flavor and tenderness.  We look forward to providing you with great beef!