Frequently Asked Questions


Is your beef grass fed?

Yes, our beef is grass fed, meaning it is raised on pasture to graze grass and hay.  However, we finish our cattle on grain to prepare the meat for harvest.

What does 'grain finished' mean?

Finishing refers to the conditioning of meat for harvest.  Our cattle are supplemented with grain that we grow on our farm to add fat to the meat in preparation for slaughter.

Is your meat organic?

While our meat is not organic, we do not add any additional hormones or antibiotics to our finishing calves.

Why should I buy beef from you versus my grocery store?

Our beef is heads and shoulders above commercial beef in quality.  Where grocery store beef is wet aged, our beef has been dry aged in whole carcasses.  This process allows natural enzymes to begin to break down muscle fibers, making each cut more tender.  Plus, because of the dry aging process, our beef has been hung and drained for around two weeks.  This means that not only are you not paying for water weight (like you would in a grocery), but the beef will not shrink nearly as much as commercially purchased beef. 

Do you offer shipping across the US?

At this time, we are limited to shipping within a two day delivery of our location.  The allowable areas are indicated in Light Blue and Pink in the map below.

How will my meat be packed for shipping?

We will pack your meat in a Styrofoam cooler with gel packs to ensure it stays cold.

Will my meat be frozen when I receive it?

When you open your cooler, your meat may be partially thawed.  As long as it is still cold to the touch*, you can place it in the refrigerator for immediate use or in the freezer to refreeze.

*The USDA states that the safe zone for raw meat is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit


Shipping Map

We have shipping capabilities within the Light Blue and Pink areas on the map.

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