About Our Beef

Responsibly Raised

All of our beef are bred, born, raised and finished on our farm.  Our herd is primarily Angus and Charolais and bred for tenderness, flavor and easy demeanor.  Once finished, we take them to a Certified Humane processing facility to ensure that our animals are handled with care and respect in the end.

Grass Fed Grain Finish

Our cows are raised on pasture and remain on pasture their whole time on our farm.  Once ready for finishing, we supplement them with grain that we grow to condition the meat for harvest.

Whole Carcass Dry Aged

While you may find a Dry Aged premium steak at a high end steakhouse, Dry Aged beef is not a common thing.  Commercially, all beef is Wet Aged, meaning the meat is shipped and stored after slaughter in it's own bodily juices.

After slaughter, our beef is allowed to Dry Age for about two weeks in whole carcasses.  In short, this means that whether you purchase NY Strips, Sirloin, Stew Beef or Ground Beef from us, it has all been Dry Aged and has a beefier flavor and is more tender. 

Want to know more about the Aging process with beef?  Here's a great link:

Dry-Aged Versus Wet-Aged Meat